Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meanwhile in the Fairfax Editor's office...

EDITOR: Didn't I say last week I wanted this Harawira blokes career destroyed?
SUB EDITOR: We've been doing everything we can, the problem is every time he appears on TV he seems so reasonable.
ED: That's why we're in the print media, we don't even have to prove he said anything...make something up if you have to.
SUB ED: We've already tried that...didn't you read yesterdays story?
ED: I don't read the stories dammit, I tell you what to write.
SUB ED: Why are we trying to destroy him anyway?
ED: Because he's racist!
SUB ED: Well if you actually listen to what he has to say...
ED: Then because he's not racist enough...racism sells dammit
SUB ED: So what now then?
ED: I want complete destruction. Link him to Al Qaeda, Print a photo of him bashing a woman...a white woman...and some animal cruelty...put in some dancing ponies...in chains...ooh and something about cancer too, that always sells......now what were we talking about again?
SUB ED: Hone Harawira
ED: Forget him he's last weeks news...follow up on this story about dancing ponies...people love ponies

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  1. hahaha good blog! and so tru....scary actually...